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G0867.1 Photochromic #07 Sunlight Sensitive
Radioactive Glitter

G0867.1 Photochromic #07 Sunlight Sensitive

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Photochromic powders change from a white color, to a vivid and deep color when exposed to UV light sources.  Comes in a 10 gram container by weight.

We recommend testing a small amount in a controlled setting before using this pigment in bulk quantity for a larger scale project.

These UV reactive products and pigments can be added to any craft project from resin, paint, acrylic, plastic, slime, ink and even nail polish. Being such a fine particle, Photochromic powders can appear transparent when mixed at lower ratios with clear the clear mediums mentioned. Use these UV reactive powder pigments to detect sun leaks in indoor industrial applications, or mix with glow in the dark pigment to create a different glow color. Being UV reactive, Photochromic powder pigments do not react to temperature or natural room light sources, but only to direct UV exposure such as sunlight, and a UV black light.

Some colors react faster than others. These colors also have a fast reaction time, which means it gains and loses color relatively quickly. It is best to use these UV reactive powder pigments in direct sunlight or even in direct sunlight through a window for the fastest and most noticeable results. The more UV light exposure, the faster the color will change, and the darker the pigment color will appear.

Not food safe. Not recommended for skin applications or creams. Products ship in clear resealable heavy duty bags.