Welcome to our obsession!
Welcome to our obsession!
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Thermochromic Pigment & Photochromic Powder

Thermochromic Pigment is 10 grams of pigment powder which will transition from one color to another at 88 degrees Fahrenheit. 
These are great for general craft projects including tumblers, molds, slime, resin, jewelry making, furniture painting, nails, glue etc. 

Non-toxic but do not ingest or inhale.

Material: Thermochromic Micro-Spheres


Photochromic Powder is 1oz baggies of powder. The UV reactive powders can be added to any craft project from resin, paint, acrylic, plastic, slime, ink and even nail polish. 

Not food safe. Not recommended for skin applications or creams. 

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